With €535.9 billion in turnover and 7.1 million jobs in Europe, the cultural and creative industries have a real potential for the future. However, they face difficulties to export their know-how and to internationalize, particularly in the rapidly changing music production sector: lack of information on other markets, few European networks, lack of knowledge about audiences and their preferences, limited marketing skills, lack of access to funding… 

NIMPE is a live music industry network created and managed by a partnership of organizations from Italy, Greece, Slovenia, France and the UK. Connecting Theory to Practice, NIMPE and the #NIMPEMUSICFACTORY projects aims to create an umbrella of networks for individuals and organizations from the live music industry connecting them to events, industry experts as well as supporting new partnerships.

NIMPE Workbook will provide information and links to regional, national and international initiatives that support live music and will highlight good practices. It aims to share knowledge, create opportunities and support new businesses. 

The fist draft of the book (hereunder) shows how the NIMPE partners have capitalized on these resources to support music production enterprises in their project development ; all of which adds value to the service of innovation, cooperation in Europe.

NIMPE Workbookt is not intended to deliver miraculous solutions. It is more a question of sharing interesting information on the music market in each involved country, on best practices, funding opportunities and internationalisation support, information gathered in a same document.

The booklet is designed more as a toolkit for contacts and ideas which should be adapted to real situations in the field and the individual character of different projects. Pick and choose; find inspiration in these data to enhance the innovative capacity of our regions and develop projects with potential for economic development. Every one of us has an interest in cooperating!

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